One thing that we haven't seen from any of the startup green car makers to date is traditional television advertising. That's partly because most of these companies are operating on minimal budgets and what money they do have is being dedicated to trying to get their vehicles on the road. Fisker Automotive is a different case. With a star designer at the helm and venture capital cash in the bank (for now at least), the fledgling manufacturer has begun running its first TV spots. The initial ads appeared on local Los Angeles stations last week. If a company like Fisker is going to advertise, LA would be the place to do it. The area is home to large numbers of high dollar, high performance cars and plenty of environmentally aware people with money (or it did until about six months ago). These are precisely the people to whom a car like the Karma would appeal. With a goal of 15,000 sales a year, Fisker is going to have its work cut out finding buyers in in this economy. Watch the ad after the jump.

[Source: YouTube]

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