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The Fast and Furious franchise started off with a monumental bang, but quickly became a bit of a drag. OK, the original Fast and Furious was pretty darn good, but the other two actually removed brain cells from all who watched them. Did the script go bad, or was it just a lack of Shaq Vin Diesel? Universal Studios is hoping for the latter, as Mr. Clean is back for the fourth installment of the tuner car series.

We've shown you a couple trailers so far, and after the jump are a few teaser minutes of the film that haven't been seen yet. Brian O'Connor's GT-R is fast and Dom Toretto's Chevelle SS is furious enough to magically flip some dude's ride over a bridge. We're pretty sure we won't be quoting Vin and Paul lines from Furious 4 after we see the movie, but some pretty sweet rides and the return of the Diesel should be enough to get us back into the theater.

[Source: The Dumb Drum]

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