Texas State Senator John Carona has recently introduced Senate Bill 506, which would allow lane splitting in Texas. For those unaware, lane splitting is the practice of riding in between slow moving automotive traffic on a motorcycle. Right now, California is the only state that allows motorcycles to split lanes... legally.

While it may sound like a dangerous practice, studies have shown that rear-end motorcycle accidents in California are about 30 percent lower than in other states that have year-round riding seasons. The practice is also legal in many other countries, including much of Europe and all of Japan. Other benefits include reduced congestion and lowered vehicle emissions and fuel usage.

If passed, riders and their passengers would need to be wearing helmets and would only be allowed to travel 5 miles per hour faster than the rest of traffic. Additionally, the practice would not be allowed at speeds of over 20 mph.

[Source: KUHF radio via The Kneeslider | Photo: akeg]

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