If you're at all familiar with the hardcore environmentalist mindset, then you know that there is really no limit to how far you can take thinking about your impact on the world. Locavore, the 2007 New Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year, for example, means someone who only (or mostly) eats food that comes from local sources. Well, we might soon be having the same sort of discussion about where we get our energy from, based on the thinking behind this WorldChanging post.
When people talk about eating more eco-friendly one big question is: "Do I eat organic food that was shipped thousands of miles or eat something less environmentally-friendly but was grown right around the corner?" The same question can be applied to energy. Does it make sense to move clean energy around on the grid or do we want to be, in WorldChanging's word, "Locavolts"? Local, clean energy would be the best, but that's not always an option. So, what would you prefer to use to power up your electric car or plug-in hybrid?

[Source: WorldChanging]

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