Honda will start airing TV commercials for it's new Insight hybrid on Monday. As part of Honda's attempt to outsell the Prius, these commercials will use the tagline "the hybrid for everyone" and mention the Insight's low price (compared to the Prius) and green credentials. We don't know exactly how much the new Prius will cost when it goes on sale later this spring, but Automotive News (subs req'd) says the Insight's $20,470 price tag will be about $2,000 less. The idea of a mass-market hybrid, not a niche ride for greenies, is the right message to send right now, Honda brand national advertising senior manage Tom Peyton told AN. The first commercial is called "Beach," and two more will be broadcast in late April. What's that? Is a cheaper Prius on the way?

[Source: Automotive News (subs req'd)]

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