VIDEO: Kia Soul reinterprets the Hampster Dance

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The original Hampster Dance was born in 1998 and featured an endless loop of four hamsters dancing to the song "Whistle Stop" by Roger Miller. One of the first internet memes to really explode in popularity, the Hampster Dance and its simple animated GIFs look positively low tech by today's standards, but we remember the first time we saw it and were ROFL for hours.

Kia has come along and appropriated the domesticated rodents for a commercial promoting the new Soul. A compact, four-door, wagon-type vehicle in the vein of the Scion xB, the Soul fits four hamsters comfortably and they clearly enjoy the car's iPod connectivity. Those hamsters not riding in a Soul, however, get a hamster wheel, which obviously won't get them very far. The commercial is cute and playful, though we're suing Kia if our nightmares about giant hamsters comes back.

Follow the jump to watch anthropomorphized hamsters drive a Kia Soul.

[Source: YouTube]

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