This week, Congress and President Obama have approved a bill that includes a June 30th deadline for the EPA to decide whether or not to allow California the right to enact its own greenhouse gas rules. Earlier this year, President Obama directed the EPA to reconsider California's request for a waiver that would allow it to regulate gases like carbon dioxide, which is widely seen as a way for the state to set its own fuel efficiency requirements.

Automakers, as represented by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, have said that they would greatly prefer a single countrywide standard. That may still happen, as proponents of the legislation have said they will support a national standard as long as it is as tough or tougher than the regulations proposed by California and that the state still retain the power to rewrite the rules in the future.

[Source: Automotive News - sub. req'd]
Photo by Clinton Steeds. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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