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Despite being told this video was shot in a Ford factory, we're not exactly sure which company claims ownership of the reassigned assembly line robot. Whoever owns the building, they might be surprised to learn what their employees have been doing on their lunch hour.

Take one giant robotic arm, a seat with strong seatbelts, a swivel (gotta have a swivel) and one thrill-seeking programmer. The result is what would be the star attraction at Six Flags Detroit if there were a Six Flags Detroit. We're pretty sure this wasn't a one-time joyride either – there's a safety line drawn on the floor and court-side seats set up for an audience.

Though it's rip-roaring fun to watch a robotic arm impersonate a Tilt-A-Whirl, we shudder to think what would happen if the order for robot world domination were given while riding this thing. The obedient robot you were just riding suddenly becomes a liberator of metal, and you find yourself riding shotgun on Megatron's index finger during Armageddon. Don't poke the robots, people.

Follow the jump to check out what other people are doing on their lunch hour and enjoy your ham salad sandwich in the safe confines of your cubicle. Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

UPDATE: Turns out the video is super old, but it's still a goody.

[Source: CarsGuide]

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