Mitsubishi has wasted no time putting their two newest variations on the i MiEV theme to work. Both the global prototype and the Sport Air electric cars which debuted last week at the Geneva Motor Show can now lay claim to celluloidal stardom as they each get their own short video with the Drive@earth tagline at the end. Both spots start out with the vehicle plugged into a charging post before the camera zooms in for a closer look and zooms around the car. The rendered global i MiEV looks especially Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost-like with its smile glowing on the newly revamped fascia, seemingly stuck in a permanent state of awe. The Sport Air gets to show off its removable glass roof as it makes it way down an imaginary road, the sky abounding with bubbles. Both spots also make sure to inform us the vehicles have zero "running" emissions. While it's nice to see the rendered appearances, they really only serve to make us even more impatient to see one or both of these cars in showrooms. Hit the jump for the newest Drive@earth footage and a bonus spot with the original i MiEV, featuring cuddly polar bears as special guests.

[Source: YouTube]

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