When we think about the amount of petroleum used in automobiles, we're usually focusing in on the amount of fossil fuels that the car's engine burns to generate power to move the vehicle. In reality, there's a lot more oil to consider, including what goes into making the plastics, fabrics and rubber that our cars are assembled with. Still more oil is used to lubricate the car's internal workings, but there may now be a viable alternative on that last bit as the biodegradable motor oil from Green Earth Technologies, which is made from animal fats, has received the coveted API certification, meaning that it's been found safe to use in your gasoline engine.
According to Green Earth Technologies co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey Loch, "It's been almost two years in the making and a true team effort, but I am happy to say that G-Oil motor oil is finally ready for retail." We look forward to seeing on store shelves soon.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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