Tuscany Health is putting its money where its heart is and has ordered up 100 battery-operated vehicles with an eye to eventually replacing most of the 3,000 units in its traditionally-fueled fleet. Thought to be the largest order of its kind (so far) by a health care company in Europe, its expected that the costs over the life of the vehicle will be lower due to lower maintenance, fuel and insurance charges. The models, which were chosen by President of the Regional Health Board Fabio Roggiolani and unnamed technicians had to meet two criteria: the cost of running the vehicle over its useful service life should not be increased and preference would be given to those made in Italy.

The three different vehicles they decided on, the Piaggio Porter, Faam Smile, Micro-Vett/Fiat Fiorino each have different strengths. The Porter can carry a significant load compared with its size, the toy-like Smile has a super-small foot print while the Fiorino can boast a 130 km (80 miles) range and all the conveniences you'd expect in a modern car. Charging posts for the vehicles will be placed in different parking lots in Tuscany. Thanks to Mauro for the tip!

[Source: Ecquologia]

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