The last time that we saw this vehicle, it was caught circulating the Nürburgring wearing a lot more camo than this example, and it's widely believed to be a new crossover from Acura. So far, Acura hasn't actually given any public indication that this machine even exists or is planned. Nonetheless, it's wearing all the contemporary Acura styling cues and the Nürburgring pics clearly showed the shield grille through the camo.

This particular example was snapped by an alert AB reader while it was evidently conducting cold weather testing in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Judging by the reduced amount of camouflage on this unit, it's probably getting close to a public launch, and we're guessing that with its pronounced slope-back, it will have BMW's controversial X6 and Infiniti's FX softroader squarely in its sights. Thanks to Jeff for the awesome tip!

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