Yesterday, 11 Midwest Ag secretaries asked Obama to raise ethanol blend to 15 or 20 percent. It should come as no big surprise that Obama's Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, also made a statement in favor of raising the ethanol blend to either E15 or E20 "over the course of the next couple of years." This support is not surprising because Vilsack, the governor of Iowa, has been looking into raising the corn/gas blend with the USDA and the EPA for a while. Should the U.S. move to a higher blend in the gasoline supply, that can only mean one thing: more corn ethanol will be produced. Sure, ethanol can be made from non-corn sources, but if Vilsack's claim that, "We can move fairly quickly to move [the ethanol blend] rate up from 10 percent to maybe 12 or 13 percent," should come to pass, then corn is the only viable biosource.

What'll be interesting is when Vilsack, the head of the USDA, and Steven Chu, Obama's Secretary of Energy, debate this issue. Remember, Chu has said that "corn is not the right crop for biofuels."

[Source: Domestic Fuel]
Photo by dichohecho. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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