Everyone wants plug-in electric vehicles. More importantly, everyone wants full-featured mainstream EVs that are affordable. Therein lies the rub. Batteries are expensive and heavy and, unfortunately, they are likely to remain so for quite a few more years. With the cost of major components still at elevated levels, manufacturers need to look at other areas to reduce costs, including manufacturing in "low-cost countries," notably China. Darryl Siry has delved into the idea of Chinese EV manufacturing in his latest blog post.

SIry makes the argument that Chinese sourcing for EVs could help make them affordable at mainstream prices. The problem is the concern about quality and safety of Chinese-made cars. Siry argues that most consumer electronics are now sourced from China. Unfortunately, consumer electronics are not noteworthy for being durable goods, like cars and resetting or rebooting a CE device when it hangs is not a rare occurrence. Resetting is not generally considered acceptable for a car. The example of Apple is given for an American company that carefully controls its Chinese suppliers to ensure quality. As popular as iPods, iPhones and Macs are, they still have their share of problems. Managing off-shore automotive suppliers is a vastly more complex task than the typical CE device, and helps push affordable EVs a little further into the future.

[Source: DarrylSiry.com]

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