Audi Shark concept tells of a future with no wheels

Click above for hi-res gallery of Kazim Doku's award-winning Audi Shark concept

There are certain terms used so often to describe automotive designs that they become cliche. Right up there on the list with "Darth Vader, your car has arrived" and "This could be the next Batmobile" is shark imagery, with every other car being equated to the deep-sea hunters. This is a shame, because once in a while a car comes along that really does look like a shark, leaving us poor automotive scribes at a loss for words.

Take this fine piece of work for example. The brainchild of Turkish design protege Kazim Doku, the Audi Shark is a conceptual futuristic four-ringed hovercraft that won Audi's most recent design competition. The styling borrows elements from the R8, TT and S5, and looks thoroughly Audi right down to the LED lighting. A front-hinged canopy and air foils replacing the wheels are straight out of sci-fi, though. It's a compelling vision of the future in which we'd love to take a ride, and it isn't Doku's first prize-winning design, either. His Ustuminki concept made the final cut in Peugeot's 2007 design competition, while his door-less KA-Design concept won first prize in his native Turkey's Ototrend competition. The Audi contest awards Doku with a 70% scholarship to the prestigious Domus Academy, but he tragically had to turn it down as he couldn't put up the remaining 30. If you're interested in helping Kazim out with a little tuition cash, we're sure he'd be glad to hear from you through his website, but in either case, you'll want to check out the images in the gallery below and the video after the jump. Thanks for the tip, Will!

[Source: Wired Autopia]

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