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In our Prius info overload post from last week, we highlighted the official (though preliminary) mileage rating for the 2010 model, which Toyota had told us would be 50 mpg city, 49 mpg highway (they'd already revealed the 50 mpg combined number in Detroit). We just got an email from Toyota saying that a "misinterpretation of preliminary data" meant that "the EPA fuel economy numbers we gave you were slightly incorrect."

The combined rating remains at 50 mpg. This is an important number for all the advertisements we'll be seeing shortly, I'm sure. The other two numbers, though, were incorrect. Today, Toyota PR told us that:

While the combined rating of 50 mpg remains unchanged, the city rating went up one mpg and the highway number went down one mpg. Therefore the revised preliminary EPA fuel economy ratings for the new Prius are 51 city/48 highway/50 combined.

There you have it. A deal-breaker? Certainly not. A minor (very minor) disappointment? For some, probably.

[Source: Toyota]

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