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According to Variety, Hollywood producers David Permut and Steve Lee Jones have secured the rights to John DeLorean's life story -- a film that's been in the works since late 1997.

The fascinating tale will cover DeLorean's tenure at Packard, his rise at General Motors and instrumental role in creating cars like the GTO -- the vehicle the invented the muscle car -- through to the ill-fated DMC-12, his subsequent drug-trafficking trials (of which he was acquitted) and the eventual bankruptcy that brought down his empire.

Needless to say, we'd watch with rapt attention. But let's qualify that statement; we'd sit still, wolfing down popcorn and JuJuBes provided the biopic is handled without the application of Hollywood's reality-distortion filter.

DeLorean provided plenty of material in his life, and no screenwriter or producer needs to go futzing with the details to make it more compelling than it already was. The biggest question we have is who would be appropriate to play John Z himself?

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