Click above for a gallery of modified Hyundai Genesis Coupes

As Nissan cancels its Silvia replacement, and the Toyobaru saga stumbles along, Hyundai actually has a hot product on the pavement ready to scoop up import tuners jonesing for a rear-drive plaything. The Genesis Coupe is just arriving in U.S. dealerships, but in Korea, the car's been on the streets a while already. As such, drivers there have been hard at work modding and personalizing their rides, giving us an idea of what to expect when they start hitting the streets in earnest on this side of the Pacific. Our good friend (and O.G. Jalop) Mike Spinelli pretty much nails it when he says, "Oh Civic with stove-pipe exhaust, the bell tolls for thee."

[Source: GenMay via Mike Spinelli]

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