Motorsports of all kinds are feeling the pressure to reduce their environmental footprint, and the British Touring Car Championship is no different. In an effort to demonstrate their commitment to green racing (a contradiction in terms?), the BTCC has started testing the race cars of its various contenders at Land Rover's lab in Solihull to be sure that their carbon emissions are in line with the road cars on which they are based.
Alan Gow, BTCC series director, says, "To my mind, it's a far more meaningful demonstration of our credentials to motor manufacturers, environmental groups, sponsors, the government, motorists and the BTCC's many millions of fans than us taking less convincing (or demanding) steps."

That may be true, but we should all remember that a vehicle's carbon emissions are directly related to how much fuel it is burning. This being the case, cars that are being driven as hard as possible in an effort to win races are never really going to be environmentally friendly. Still, it's an appreciated step in the right direction.

[Source: BTCC, Channel 4]

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