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Jamiroquai frontman Jay Kay has learned that when you are the owner of a famous automobile collection, you best be careful about who you offend since they will know how to hit you where it hurts.

During a recent hotel stay, the Top Gear regular said something to rile up the joint's pastry chef while they were downing some drinks at the bar. Normally, such a quarrel would not amount to much attention, but if reality television has taught us anything, it is that English chefs have hot tempers and they like to hurl things in a fit of rage. In this instance, the young chef decided to release his anger by chucking stones at the singer's black Ferrari Enzo. The target practice amounted to about $40,000 worth of damage to the car's front windshield and driver's side window. While the repairs get underway, it looks like Jay Kay might have to make due by driving around in his Aston Martin DB5, Lamborghini Miura SV or even his Mercedes 300SL Roadster instead. Oh, the humanity. Thanks for the tips, everyone!

[Source: The Sun]

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