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Th!nk's Norwegian exodus continues. Th!nk will announce details of its "aggressive expansion plans" next Thursday in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Th!nk CEO Richard Canny and Th!nk product development director Christopher Neal will be on hand to talk to representatives from Michigan and seven other states about "options to bring electric vehicle manufacturing jobs to the U.S." Um, yes please.

Th!nk has said for a while that they plan to bring this all-electric, highway-speed (62 mph top speed) car to America; now we know that the Th!nk City is scheduled to go on sale in the U.S. in the middle of 2010 (no word on the Th!nk Ox). The City is already available in Norway and we have video proof that this car is fun to drive. With a 112-mile range, this car could be the right alternative for a lot of people. U.S. price? We'll ask Th!nk next week.

[Source: Th!nk]

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