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We've only been watching the development of the Tazzari Zero electric city car since last October, but the fast-moving company has not only announced a December 2009 launch date but has also named a North American distributor. Verdek, headed by former president and CEO of the North American tire division of Pirelli, Guy Mannino, has announced that they will be distributing the sporty Italian electric in Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.

While the Zero is capable of reaching 56 mph, it will be sold as a NEV in the U.S. That means it will be limited electronically to the speeds allowed by your state (most commonly, 25 mph). They say they are considering putting the car through the NHTSA crash-testing requirements which would allow drivers to experience its full potential, though it could be some time before that decision is made. You can follow developments as they occur by joining their Facebook group or watch this space as we wait for the unveiling of the Zero in the metal. Verdek is also a promoter of the Coulomb charging stations (sometimes called Smartlets) and carries the ZAP! lineup.

[Source: Verdek]

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