So, there's this Watchmen movie coming out today in the U.S. Maybe you've seen the hype. Until a few weeks ago, I knew absolutely zero about the plot or the characters or anything. But, because I'd heard such good things about the original comic, I thought I should read it through once before the movie comes out, otherwise if I ever do read it, my experience will be tempered by the film's visuals.
Anyway, while I was reading it, two panels caught my AutoblogGreen-tuned eye. Back in the mid-1980s, when Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons were working on the book, they used a passing reference electric vehicles as a type of future technology that was bypassed by a new teleportation ability that one of the characters, Dr. Manhattan, finds himself able to perform.

The Miami Herald says that director Zack Snyder has made a good movie "while still slavishly following its plot, practically panel by panel." So, one thing I'll be watching for is to see if this tiny little tidbit from the comic pages has made the leap. I'll admit, sometimes this job affects my life in very odd ways. Enjoy.

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