Click above for a gallery of photos of this incredible stone Testarossa sculpture

No, this isn't the result of some prehistoric Dietrich getting his hands on a friend's Ferrari, nor did some stand-up comic drive a Testarossa into a cement mixer. It's actually a sculpture carved by two artists with a taste for the dramatic. Artists Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel have been working together on projects like this one since 1998. They've crafted Nike tennis shoes, BMX bikes, electric guitars, skateboards and motorcycle helmets, all out of wood. They've also created a giant wrought iron Big Bertha golf club and other works that are increasingly kitschy and Surrealistic. Their works have been displayed all over the world, but this one has really captured our attention. It is a stone Ferrari Testarossa that has enough detail to be instantly recognizable, but is intentionally left raw and busted apart to resemble a fossil of the once proud supercar. It's a fun piece of automobilia and social commentary all in one. Take a look at the gallery and check out the duos' website to learn more about these gifted artists.

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