Chrysler is cutting a shift at its Windsor minivan plant in response to slowing sales and a dreadful global economy. The plant will cease its third shift as early as June 24 and 1,200 workers will lose their source of income. The move will directly affect those with 13 total years of service or less. The shift reduction comes after the Pentastar temporarily shuttered the plant for half of December and all of January, followed by a two-weeks-on, one-week-off production cadence. The shift reduction will result in 90,000 fewer Chrysler minivans rolling off the line each year.
The Canadian Auto Workers union is reeling from this latest setback, but the 1,200 layoffs is just a fraction of the losses in Windsor over the past year. Windsor's unemployment rate is now at 10.9%, and the city expects to lose another 1,200 auto jobs when General Motors shutters its transmission plant next year.

[Source: The Star]

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