The California Air Resources Board wants to reduce the amount of carbon in transportation fuels as a way to reduce the resulting greenhouse gas emissions. One way CARB wants to meet California's stated goal of a statewide GHG emissions cap for 2020 (which would be based on 1990 emissions) is a Low Carbon Fuel Standard. Since at least 2007, CARB has been looking into implementing a Low Carbon Fuel Standard, and yesterday made an official announcement of a public hearing to consider the adoption of this standard. As a preliminary measure, this standard "would reduce GHG emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuels used in California by an average of 10 percent by the year 2020." The draft regulations issued yesterday call for the fuel industry to meet the first step of the standard by 2011. Up to 20 percent of the conventional fuels used today would be replaced by things like electricity, hydrogen, natural gas and biofuels. CARB will hold a public hearing on the proposal on April 23rd and 24th. More details here and at GreenTechMedia.
[Source: CARB via GreenTechMedia]

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