You're looking at the evil red orb through the rear-view mirror of your dad's Corvette (or your wife's Honda Pilot ). Making matters worse, you've just been burning up the asphalt for the past few miles. The ominous light is behind you and changing lanes aren't causing it to go away. Not that any of us ever venture into triple-digit speeds... but what would happen if you got nailed doing 100 mph on a public road?
Well, it depends.

The pain you will soon feel in your wallet (and the amount of time you possibly spend incarcerated) will vary state-to-state. In California, the two points you gain on your driving record will be accompanied with up to a $500 fine and possible jail time. In Virginia, your bank account will lighten by up to $2,500 and there is mandatory time behind bars. Many states use a sliding scale to determine penalties, while others automatically suspend licenses (in addition to the aforementioned treats).

Is there a child in your car, alcohol on your breath or did you make more than a few lane changes as you dodged the normal flow of traffic? Let's hope you weren't racing. If so, reckless driving may be added to your infraction. In many cases, that is a free upgrade to a possible misdemeanor criminal offense. Things get ugly rather quickly, and a decent attorney starts to look attractive, especially if you have been caught before.

According to the experts, the easiest way to avoid this heinous plot... is to simply start slowing down.

[Source: AOL Autos]

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