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Project Sipster is now officially underway. This conversion of a 1981 Volkswagen Rabbit into a fast and frugal 70-mpg diesel car is Top Gear America's way of saying hello to the revived eco-car mindset. In the latest installment of the series, the Rabbit gets an engine transplant courtesy of CWS Tuning in Regina, Canada. One way to help boost the Rabbit's original 50 mpg up to 70 is to mismatch a transmission from a 1998 TDI to a donor engine from a 2003 Jetta TDI in order to increase the gear ratio. CWS Tuning mechanic Cam Waugh should be able to do this, but it'll be no easy task. But why listen to me describe the muddle they're making of things when Top Gear America has already written everything up nice and neat – oh, and provided a video, as well. You can watch it after the jump and be very glad you're not responsible for patching all this up into a roadworthy vehicle.

[Source: Top Gear America]

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