We still have a month to wait until Neil Young's new "Fork in the Road" album (aka, his eco-car concept record), but Reprise Records is ready to take your money now. Unlike some deals in the green car business, if you pre-order the record, you won't need to wait all that long to get what you paid for. The record drops on April 7 and includes a paean to Johnathan Goodwin, Young's LincVolt mechanic, called "Johnny Magic." Other song titles, according to Pitchfork, are "Cough Up the Bucks," "Hit the Road," and "Get Around." The pre-order price for the CD/DVD set is $21.98, plus an additional $6.49 or $16.49 shipping (those are the costs to Michigan, anyway). Young recorded the album with his touring band between shows last year. You can watch Neil Young's earphones-stuck-in-an-apple video for "Fork in the Road" here.

Reuters says that work on the LincVolt is now finished and that a documentary film about driving the car gasoline-free across America is planned.

[Source: Reuters, Neil Young]

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