Debuting at the 79th Geneva Motor Show alongside the Mitsubishi i MiEV Sport Air concept was an i MiEV prototype that may have been the most relevant electric car of the show. Although quite similar to the i MiEV design we've been showing you for the past couple years, this is the global version of the Japanese automaker's electric car. As expected, it has a wider stance than the original and the front and rear overhangs have been extended and should offer more protection for passengers as well as any errant (heaven forbid) pedestrians. Also, the steering wheel is on the side you would expect to find it in most parts of the planet, the left.

The company calls this i MiEV iteration the precursor to the car that will go on sale in Europe next year where it will carry the Mitsubishi badge as well as that of Peugeot. Although a timetable for American sales hasn't yet been announced, we expect that it will happen eventually and something very close to this slightly enlarged prototype will one day be available here. Hit the jump for the official Geneva unveiling of the i MiEVs and as well as a bonus video of the global version posing for the camera in a studio and its designer giving some of his thoughts (in Japanese).

[Source: Mitsubishi / YouTube]

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