Geneva 2009: Citroen DS3 concept hiding in the dark

Click above for high-res gallery of the Citroen DS3 concept

A few weeks back, Citroen announced that it would bring the DS appellation to a line of premium models based on several of its existing cars. The first example will evidently be the DS3 coming next year. In spite of bringing the car to the Geneva Motor Show in concept form this week, Citroen is apparently not too keen on people actually seeing the car itself. A styling buck of the DS3 is tucked away in a tiny dark alcove off the back of the main Citroen display at the PalExpo. Once you step inside there is a narrow walkway around the car and the lighting is mostly dim with occasional flashes.

It's truly a shame because the DS3 is actually a pretty decent looking three-door hatchback with some interesting styling elements, aside from the hot pink roof over the gray body. Aside from the dual chevrons, though, there is nothing about this car that is reminiscent of an original DS. Hopefully next time Citroen will exhibit some confidence and show this car out in the open.

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