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The car pictured above represents some of my favorite features in a main-stream car: it's a wagon and it's a diesel. I'm also fully aware that I am in a distinct minority on both counts among drivers in the U.S. market. This is the new European-market Honda Accord Tourer Type-S. We get the sedan version in the U.S., badged as the Acura TSX. Personally, I prefer the wagon version because it retains the overall size and dynamic characteristics of a sedan while adding a huge dollop of utility when needed. It's also quite a handsome car. Rumor has it we'll see this body style appear as a new Honda CUV in the states this fall with the high-riding Outback treatment.

The wagon is not new to Europe but the new Type-S (also available as a sedan) is. The Type-S Accord gets a 178 hp version of Honda's new iDTEC 2.2L diesel four cylinder with a stiff 280 lb-ft of torque. The Type-S gets larger 18" wheels and bumper and sill extensions for a more aggressive look. Unfortunately, this is very likely the car we were supposed to get as a TSX this year. However, market conditions have forced Honda to indefinitely cancel those plans. What a shame.

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180 PS i-DTEC Engine for Accord Sedan and Tourer

Alongside the Insight and ASIMO will be the introduction of the new 180PS derivative of the acclaimed Honda i-DTEC diesel engine. This new higher-power variant produces 180 PS at 4000 rpm, a 30 PS increase over the standard i-DTEC engine with the peak power coming at the same rpm. Torque has also increased 30 Nm to 380 Nm at 2000 rpm.
The enhanced engine will be fitted to the Accord in a new Type-S variant. As well as the significant increase in power this new model will gain new lower bumper sections, front chin spoiler, sill extensions, smoke chrome finished grille. The new model will be available in two new paint colours with White Pearl and Basque Red joining the current colour line up.
Complimenting this suite of cosmetic changes will be clear indicator covers to further distinguish the new Type-S model. In addition, this model will be equipped with a new design of 18" alloy wheels, giving the Type-S a more sporting stance.
The new engine retains its 2.2 litre capacity and gains its additional power with a revised turbo-charger housing, enlarged intercooler, stronger con-rods and a revised cylinder head. These modifications release the full potential of the critically acclaimed i-DTEC engine, allowing it to deliver excellent usable performance and good fuel economy.
Performance, fuel economy and emissions data will be available once homologation is completed. The Type-S goes on sale in some European markets from this summer.

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