Canada's Environment Minister Jim Prentice believes that there should be a single fuel efficiency standard for all countries in North America. He says, "At this point in the United States, it would appear as though they are headed toward a 35 mile a gallon standard by 2020 and that would start to come into effect in the 2011 model year. We've essentially been prepared to go in that same direction."

That 35 mpg standard is good enough for Canada if it's good enough for the United States, right? It makes sense for automakers that sell their products across all of North America, especially to the U.S. domestic manufacturers that build hundreds of thousands of cars in Canada and Mexico each year.

It's not perfect, though, as California is moving to create its own fuel economy standards under the guise of greenhouse gas emissions regulations. "The first thing that has to happen, however, is that the United States has to land with their own domestic policy. It's by no means clear how this will emerge from Congress over the course of the next year," Prentice said.

[Source: Reuters | Image: AlexCovarrubias C.C. 2.5]

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