Sometimes it seems like we are constantly bringing you articles and studies that might be seen as somewhat pessimistic or even skeptical of our future highways being populated by many electric cars. We were at a loss ourselves to find more than five electric cars you can purchase in the U.S. this year. However, the report that we are able to bring you news of today does not err on the conservative side. Worldwide Nanotechnology Electric Vehicle Market Shares Strategies, and Forecasts by Wintergreen Research Inc. predicts that by 2015, 32.7 million electric autos will have been shipped. Not too shabby considering they count a total of 685 battery-powered vehicles sold last year.

Unfortunately, we could only read the summary and the table of contents of the 452-page report (it's $3,400 to read the rest) but it does seem the authors have a pretty thorough knowledge of the players in the industry today and seem to base their optimism on increasing volumes of lower cost lithium ion batteries leveraging the implementation of higher performance nanotechnology-derived thin film lithium cells. They also see the electric vehicle as a way of storing energy from renewable sources and foresee the rise of package financing for cars and solar panels. Now, if you'll excuse us, our rose-colored glasses are getting misty.


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