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System 3 has a follow-up title to last year's Ferrari Challenge: SuperCar Challenge. The new game will offer 40 cars to choose from, not all of which are Ferraris this team. The roster will include such cars as the Aston Martin DBR9, Lamborghini Murcielago RGT, McLaren F1, Maserati MC12 and, of course, a supercar or two from Maranello like the Ferrari FXX. You'll be able to race them on 20 real and fictitious tracks and the graphics of each car have been improved with better polygon counts, texture details and buffing. Multiplayer capability can link 16 drivers at once, sim players will get good handling and tuning options, and there'll be an arcade mode for folks who just want to tear up the pavement. The AI has also been redesigned to be more consistent, and there's a "Legendary" AI setting meant to challenge the best drivers.

It will be available exclusively for the PS3 this Spring. While you wait, check out the high-res screenshots below and the video about the game's innovative camera angles by clicking here.

[Source: Gamers Hell]

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