If you'd like to listen to a sort of state of the electric vehicle industry panel discussion, tune in to the EVCast tomorrow. The live show (which will be available later as a podcast and for download) starts at 1:30 Eastern (10:30 am Pacific) on Tuesday. Listeners can tune send in questions and comments on the EVcast.com chat board (free membership is required to participate). The panel will discuss the following topics:

  • $25 billion in waiting for EV development. Who should get it and why?
  • Has hydrogen as an automotive fuel gone the way of the dinosaur?
  • What does the chaos of the US auto industry mean for the up and coming EV industry?
  • Mileage Tax: Sensible or not?

As a side note: the reason for the quotes on the headline above is that for some reason I'm included in the EVCast panel. I'm still not sure how much of an expert I am, but I want to make it clear that I'm not slighting the others who are scheduled to appear on the show: Ian Clifford, our old friend and CEO of ZENN, and Gint Federas, an EVCast member. I just hope they don't ask me to sing.

[Source: EVcast]

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