Rumor has bubbled up that this latest Ford Focus RS will be the last. That, however, isn't the most outrageous part of the story - after all, just a couple of years ago there were rumors that the RS badge would disappear on the MkII. And the reasons for the rumor aren't wild, either: the cloudy state of world finances and the pressure of emissions laws means hi-po gas-powered rockets have no place to grow.

The most outrageous part of this rumor comes when it's written that "all the firm's focus will be on economical and eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and electric cars." Not some of Ford's attention, but all of Ford's attention. A Ford source apparently bolstered that by saying "it's likely to be the last car of this type you will see from Ford." Not just the last RS, but "the last car of this type."

We hope this is just a sales ploy, some planted hysteria to boost RS sales. Because if it isn't, and Ford really won't be doing any hot little cars, that will mean a far sadder state of affairs than merely the loss of the RS line. Unless, of course, Ford means that the next Focus RS will be 300 hp, 302 lb-ft... and electric?

[Source: iMotor Mag]

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