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There's a reason that outlandish but environmentally-friendly Toyota concept cars like the Hi-CT plug-in hybrid truck (above), the RIN and the 1/X exist: Tetsuya Kaida. HybridCars has a profile of Kaida in a new post where we find out that, if Kaida gets his way, these crazy auto show-only vehicles will one day be upstaged by the seaweed car. Kaida, the manager of Toyota's "Business Revolution Corporate Value Project" gets to play with "car design, global lifestyle trends, Japanese ancient art and culture, fantasy and nature," in HybridCars' words. Aside from the seaweed car (which Kaida likes because Japan is surrounded by the ocean), Kaida talked about a plant-based version of the 1/X during the recent Melbourne International Motor Show. If his dream comes true, it might take the 1/X about 15 years to get to dealerships, he said. The fundamental idea behind all of these concepts, Kaida said, is harmony, and described his designs as "the Way of the Car, much like a tea ceremony or flower arrangement." This is not a guy who dreams small.

[Source: HybridCars]

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