When Ford began laying out its plan to build European product over here, Ford's Louisville assembly plant was tipped to build the Euro Focus. But according to sources who spoke to Louisville's NBC affiliate Wave3, the plant will actually be getting the Ford Kuga. It's a coup for the plant's roughly 3,000 employees, who currently build the slow-selling Explorer and its siblings, to now have an undeniably anticipated vehicle to look forward to.

Ford and city and state authorities have been negotiating the fate of the two plants for a while. The truck plant was reportedlysafe, but the assembly plant's future was uncertain. Ford has said it will spend over $100 million to retool both of its Louisville plants - it also has a truck plant there that makes Super Duty F-Series vehicles - which will save 6,000 jobs. The conversion is expected to take six months and probably won't be ready until 2011. A Ford spokeswoman had no comment on reports about the Kuga. Hat tip to Juan

[Source: Wave3]

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