Conflicting study overload. That's the only way to explain all the messages that we're getting regarding biofuels recently. They speed up global warming. Ethanol is no better than gasoline. You know what I mean. Here's another one, courtesy of the totally non-biased Illinois Corn Growers Association. The findings this time are that "a modern ethanol plant does not meaningfully change farmland use, neither the amount of land farmed nor the mix of crops planted (e.g., corn, soybeans)." Apparently, the ICGA felt the need to counter the "often cited" link between building new ethanol plants and shifting more land to cornfields. I didn't know that was a troubling rumor, but Dr. Steffen Mueller from the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago looked at data from one plant for three years and came to the "no impact" conclusion. You can find the full study here if you really need to read it yourself.

[Source: Illinois Corn Growers Association]

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