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Shade tree mechanics. A 1936 Chevy Sedan. Down home narrator vibe. Yup, this video from a local TV station in Oklahoma has got everything you might be looking for to prove that electric cars are as American as apple pie. Emissions and gasoline use, on the other hand, don't belong in this rewritten version of classic American cars. They are banished in favor of a recycled forklift motor and some truck batteries. This EV conversion, done near in Oklahoma City, has created a car called the DC Cruiser. The Cruiser can go about 20 miles on a charge using a 10-inch electric motor coupled directly to the transmission, there is no clutch, and has about 50 horsepower. Nothing fancy here, just a few older gentlemen who wanted to revive a classic - and make it better. Watch their story after the jump.

[Source: News Channel 4]

EV_Plug-in - 1936 Chevrolet conversion

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