The site for all things Th!nk, Electric Aid, has gotten a hold of a new rumor surrounding the Norwegian electric automaker: it may no longer be a Norwegian company. Swedish TV station SVT is apparently reporting that production of the electric City car may move from Aurskog, Norway to Sweden. After all, now has a bit of extra capacity; SAAB stopped production this week. It's all rumor and hearsay at this point, but given Th!nk's recent troubles in Norway, this move might make sense. And remember, Swedish businesses invested $20 million in Th!nk earlier this month.

Electric Aid also points us to a new Th!nk press release that says, look here, that the Swedish Royal Court recently took delivery of two Th!nk City vehicles. The Swedes were introduced to the electric cars last June during "Svenske Flaggans Dag" on June 6th 2008, when the THINK City cruised through Stockholm in a sort of eco-car parade. Thanks to Andre for the tip!

[Source: SVT via Electric Aid]


The Swedish Royal Court puts THINK City to the test

Through our partner, Gävle Energi, THINK has delivered two new THINK City to H.M. Royal Stables in Sweden.


The Swedish Court was introduced to the new THINK City during "Svenske Flaggans Dag" on June 6th 2008, when the THINK City participated in a prosession of environmentally friendly vehicles in Stockholm.

Gävle Energi is commited to issues regarding electric vehicles and has engaged in a collaboration with the Swedish Royal Court, together with Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien (IVA, The Royal Engineering & Science Academy) and its project Power Circle.

Power Circle is a collaboration between several partners within electric energy industry, research and education in Sweden, and is a key partner for THINK in introducing the THINK City in Swedish test programs and corporate fleets.

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