So, earlier this week we looked into a tip we got about an all-electric car called the Current. The website for the car left a little to be desired, and it looked like maybe another tale of someone promising just a little more than they can deliver. Well, AutoblogGreen reader Brian from Colorado, who lives in - surprise - Colorado, actually paid the show a visit and sent in some pictures and a report. You can find some of what he wrote in his comments, things like that these are Chinese imports (via Pakistan), that they can go 70 mph and that they haven't yet been through any crash testing. Brian also wrote the following to us directly:

He [the shop owner] told me he plans on bringing in 4 to 6 more models in the next 90 days including the car that looks like the Mini and a small truck. He also told me he has been working on bringing and/or making battery powered cars for 5 years. He did not want me to take pictures of the motor, inverters, or the batteries but he told me they are testing several brands. He says he is asked everyday by phone and email what electronic parts he is using in the cars. He said they are available products and he wants to put as much US made products in the cars as he can. He also had a 5 speed transmission that he was testing. Personal observation: he is a car salesman and I have looked at his website and spec sheets and most of the cars I saw did not match, such as AC and CD stereo so take that for what's it's worth. The cars I saw had not been delivered and as you can see in the pictures were being built. The car I was able to ride in on the test drive did have AC but still had a crappy cassette player. I just wanted to find out if the cars are real and available for sale and if they can be driven on the highway and it appears to me that they can be driven, at least in Colorado on the highway. The red car I drove was going to Florida and two cars, Silver and White I think, are going to California.

So, that's what one reader reports. You can see Brian's pictures here (the big ones are from him, the smaller are from the website). Any more questions?

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