It's no secret that the LBGT community represents a significant pool of purchasers in the automotive marketplace. Some automakers shy away from courting their dollars for fear of retribution from anti-LBGT groups, while others have embraced them in subtle and not so subtle ways. The team at has done a commendable job tracking gay-friendly automakers, which they define as any automaker that offers domestic-partner benefits to its GLBT employees no matter where they live or work in the U.S.. The site also reviews new cars from a GLBT perspective, interviews GLBT professionals in the industry and keeps its readers informed on gay-related auto news.
The site's most interesting content, at least to us, has been a report published every quarter on what ten vehicles were researched most through the site by the GLBT community. Rather than knowing what the community wants to drive, however, Gaywheels has launched a new survey to find out what its readers are actually driving. We're not sure anyone has ever performed a survey like this, so the results should be interesting in terms of reinforcing or shattering certain stereotypes about which cars gays and lesbians actually drive.

[Source: Gaywheels]

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