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The latest generation of the Scion xB – the car that kicked off the currently popular "box-it-came-in" styling trend – may be a perfectly fine vehicle with a few welcome improvements over the first edition, but we still miss the size, shape and fuel economy that the old model was able to deliver. Now that the 2009 Nissan Cube and 2010 Kia Soul are on their way to U.S. shores, drivers may finally get to choose what size they want their brick-like vehicles to come in.

Popular Mechanics managed to snag one of each of these triplets and they took the opportunity to drive them back-to-back through city slogs, canyon curves and the highway superslabs in between. Not surprisingly, all three vehicles seem to have offered something to recommend them over their competitors, but only one machine could come out on top, and it was the one that also managed to post the best fuel efficiency. We won't steal their thunder, though, click here for the full story.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

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