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We got a comment from a reader the other day on a post we published back in December indicating that the Saturn Vue 2-mode hybrid had been canceled. Our reader had placed an order for one of the new hybrid crossovers last summer but received a call from his dealer this week. The aspiring Vue driver was informed that the vehicles would not be built. Since Saturn had not made any official announcements about the fate of the Vue, we contacted spokesman Brian Corbett.

It turns out that what the dealer said was only partly true. According to Corbett, "due to a variety of factors including decreases in consumer spending, demand for vehicles and demand for hybrid vehicles in particular, the decision has been made to begin production of the Vue 2-Mode for the 2010 model year. It will hit the market this summer. "

So there won't be any 2009 Saturn Vue 2-mode hybrids built. At this point of course, it's impossible to predict what will happen between now and summer. All of GM's product plans remain in flux, as does the future of Saturn. If things continue to get worse for GM, it's possible this vehicle will never be produced. The most likely scenario may in fact be that GM will simply install the Vue's hybrid system in the new Chevy Equinox instead and call it a day.

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