Let this be a warning to those of you who tint your car windows (at least in Gainesville, FL): If you die in the back seat, it may be a while before you're found. A man from Gainesville, FL went missing on February 11 and was found this past Monday deceased in the back passenger-side seat of his 2001 BMW 330i. The car had apparently been parked illegally and was ticketed seven times – SEVEN TIMES! – before anyone noticed its owner sitting dead in the back seat.
The first ticket was actually issued on February 12, the day after the man was first reported missing, but the windows on the car were tinted darker than the law allows, which prevented ticket officers from noticing the corpse riding shotgun in the back. We thought the smell of decay might have prompted the police to take a closer look, but no. Rather, a nearby resident who noticed that the car had been sitting there a while with seven tickets tucked under its wipers called it in.

A spokesperson for the city of Gainesville pointed out that ticket officers aren't actual police officers, but rather employees of the city's public works department. Apparently, they don't get the same training as actual police officers who know that the first thing you do is look for dead people in the back seat. The actual cause of the man's death is not known as an autopsy was inconclusive, though officials are waiting for the results of a toxicology test that could provide some answers.

[Source: Gainesville.com]

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