Australian company wants Pontiac G8 to be next cop cruiser

Police agencies across the United States are chock full of Crown Victoria cruisers. In all, there are over 80,000 Crown Vics on patrol, but the generations-old cruiser is finally getting consigned to history within the next year. That leaves a huge opening to any company that has a suitable replacement, and an Australian company thinks it has what it takes. Melbourne's National Safety Agency is working on newer, safer and more efficient technology for large markets like the US, UK and Canada, and they have a very solid partner in Holden. Holden builds both the Commodore and the Pontiac G8, giving the NSA both left and right hand drive RWD vehicles with powerful engine options. The very capable GM models also adhere to safety and emissions standards in several high volume markets.

The NSA has built a Pontiac G8 police cruiser prototype for an upcoming meeting with the LAPD and the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials, with several police-specific technologies on-board, including a integrated computer mounted into the dash. The G8 will also employs safety technology to keep officers safer, while also reducing the considerable costs that go into retrofitting a vehicle for police duty. Thanks for the tip, Andrew!

[Source: CarPoint]

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