Regardless of your view on global climate change, you must admit that the issue of carbon emissions has become a hot topic over these last few years, and automobiles have taken the brunt of the criticism. Celebrities often seem to be leading the low-emissions charge, or they at least like to appear that way by driving fuel sippers like the Toyota Prius or sometimes the fully electric Tesla Roadster. Not this time. Eric Bana, star of box office productions like Hulk and Troy, is apparently quite the gearhead, and he's also concerned enough with the environment to offset all the carbon emissions of his upcoming new flick, Love The Beast.

The title character of the new movie is an Australian Ford Falcon coupe from 1973 – hardly a bastion of clean motoring – that was modified to take part in the Targa Tasmanian Rally. Bana's production company hired a team of specialists to calculate the carbon emissions spent by the crew in the making of the film, and the appropriate number of trees will be planted to equal it all out.

[Source: Reuters]

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