There's more than one way for Hollywood actors to go green. While most celebrities choose to go the way of Toyota Prius ownership, Eric Bana's chosen green ride is a 1973 Ford Falcon from Australia, a gas guzzler from a time that just barely predates most modern emissions equipment. That car, which is the title character in Bana's upcoming new movie Love The Beast, was modified to take part in the grueling Targa Tasmania Rally, and we doubt the list of upgrades included bits like catalytic converters and computer-controlled engine management systems. Other stars slated to appear in the new flick include certified motor-heads Jay Leno, Jeremy Clarkson and... um, Dr. Phil. So, what's the green angle?

Bana's production company, known as Pick Up Truck Pictures, contracted an outside firm to calculate the total carbon emissions spent in the production of the film. To offset this carbon footprint, oxygen-exhaling trees will be planted to suck up their share of carbon dioxide and restore forest ecosystems. Ta-da!

[Source: Reuters]

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